Twinning 4 Peace

Twinning 4 Peace

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The Twinning for Peace project is an attempt to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the twinning between two towns (Colle Umberto and San Lawrenz) by thinking about the future, of both the twinning experience in itself and of Europe as a whole. From one side, the project intends to valorize, promote and disseminate the positive values and effects of the twinning among cities of different countries and, at the same time, to enlarge the twinning experience to a new town (Buje, Croatia) in order to give this experience new energies and new contributions. From the other side, the project intends to profit from this 10th anniversary to discuss the "future of Europe", by focusing on the relationship with the southern borders and on the increased need for a stronger dialogue, cooperation and knowledge among the two side of the Mediterranean sea in order to prevent conflicts in several forms. The project is developed around 4 main activities: a seminar titled "Looking south: the importance of dialogue, cooperation and reciprocal knowledge with the southern borders for a future of peace in EU in the light of the centenary of the Great War", a celebration titled "Ten Years Twinned: benefits, difficulties and perspectives", some study visits (in locations touched by the Great War) and, transversally, a dissemination action starting 2 months before the twinning and lasting for at least 2 years after the project.